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Balsan Enchères Horses

About Balsanencheres horses

Founded in 2020 by Marie-Line Balsan, an Auctioneer since 2012 and auction manager for Balsan Enchères Horses, the company Balsan Enchères Horses is a subsidiary of Balsan Enchères, which organizes on-site, online and real-time horse auctions.

Balsan Enchères Horses was created to give buyers the opportunity to buy direct from breeders, without any intermediaries, but also to promote various breeding farms and stud-books.

Balsan Enchères Horses partners with the industry’s most successful breeding professionals to offer, with each sale, a selection of promising equines for the international circuit. It draws on the experience of its founders to tap into new markets.

Its primary objective is to connect the stakeholders in the equestrian community: breeders/sellers/buyers, as well as guide each rider in choosing their future horse.

Balsan Enchères Horses aims to export its concept worldwide in order to connect the stakeholders from different countries and thus expand the scope of the sales.

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